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I am a big believer that my husband is kept submissive and control of their orgasms. For this I have to extract the seeds by various means, without experiencing its peak. One way is through prostate massage. This must be done while you are flaccid. If desired, while the prostate is hit, it is a dangerous likeliehood he enjoyed the presence ruled as fluids. The following is a method that I have from him the semen of drainage, without which allows you the satisfaction. In contrast to massage your prostate with the index finger of this method requires active participation and submission, which is done for him. And while performing prostate massage while your penis jennymovies is flaccid, this procedure is done while the jennymovies penis is erect. I call the recovery of semen without satisfaction 'milking'. to ensure a successful outcome, I can use certain items and words over and over again during the ritual conditioning. Then the same objects actions and words lead to identical responses. jennymovies Twhich are key : 1) A rubber glove to wash dishes or a latex surgical glove, 2) a belt like a rooster and a retainer of the ball to be used 3) ropes or handcuffs to him during the training of 4 sure) a beautiful container to keep items in 5) I installed a hook on the ceiling, is forced to stand on tiptoe, if restricted. 6) the repetition of words such as ' milking time ' or 'Place order' two times a week has been in the last 3 months, her only sexual satisfaction through its 'orderly. ' The whole procedure jennymovies is to prevent muscle contractions, and goal reaching orgasm. I wear rubber gloves in my ' milking ' the process. Now, the sight and smell of rubber gloves, jennymovies which combines the spiritual with the act of an unsatisfying orgasm, and the placement of the glove on the hand now it drips mucus. I will not start the process until he wants to be me, 'milk' and I always say that delay orgasm is very strong for my liking. only whenHe makes me happy I'll start. then tied in place, and I have containment around your penis and testicles I got the rubber gloves in the queue and leave the room for several minutes before he said naked. then put on the gloves and start the slow methodical 'milking ' of my gloved finger into his tight anal hole. After thorough investigation into his ass and I feel for the size of his penis downward. Massaging the prostate with his finger induced fluid flow spermal of his cock. I continue until I am satisfied that I have ' milked ' completeness of the clock. A Sometimes I jennymovies massage your ejaculation, keeping my fingers deep into her ass and then continue as in his prime never happened. However, usually do not want the joy and culminates in the first contraction or an indication of her orgasm approached, I quickly remove my hand and no more than the mechanics 'milk ' for a full minute. Sixty seconds is a long time, if your enthusiasm is jennymovies high. I Howesee, it was necessary to wait as long before the restart. The sequence is repeated to stop jennymovies the seizure. Wait Within 60 seconds, tell him how well he is doing and how much joy I get to see her orgasm just dripping. The grand finale is a trickle of his cock slit oozing slime slowly followed. While this is happening to reassure him this is what I wanted and I am happy and after it is fully developed, sometimes be rewarded with a full orgasm. I'm not cruel, that's all they want and deserve the full control over the type of orgasm is experienced. Whenever I have to discard a glove only a couple for my 'milking'. At any time the glove is contaminated with mucus there to be released and you have to buy a new device. As a gift I feed my husband does not come with a gloved hand enthusiastically licked my cum covered fingers. I'm ready for the next stage, and this is involved through me hope that the well-equipped black man, as he sits in his seat and watch tied, fucked. After each ejaculation of my beloved, then go through the ritual of 'milk ' to my husband. So if anyone wants the man or men who take me to contact fucks. I'll let you know what develops.
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